Awesome Shield teaches aspiring inventors to code and build with Arduino. Our 60+ learning videos, simplified code, and Awesome Hardware give absolute beginners everything they need to get started coding and making! Created for kids 10+, loved by people of all ages.

The Story

Awesome Shield began in Berlin in November 2014. The three founders, passionate themselves about Arduino’s potential, realized that there are still limited resources for absolute beginners wanting to write their first lines of code. Since then, Awesome Shield has been building hardware prototypes, designing a functional online-learning platform, and creating its first series of videos with the help of a Kickstarter campaign in 2016.

Now our first invention kit is ready to ship and we are setting our sight’s on more learning, fun and science.

The Team

Chris Palmer is a science nerd through and through and has been teaching for over 14 years. He published microbiology research as an undergrad, worked in biomanufacturing, and fuel cell production R&D for Mercedes-Benz. Chris taught himself to code and build electronics and loves sharing his passion for science and tech through Awesome Shield.

Jon Amar has been working in design for 17 years. From print to digital, UX to product design and video production. Using his diverse skillset, he has helped more than 20 startups grow their businesses and audiences. He’s also Chris’ brother, which is the best.

Sebastian Himberger loves programming and has been a professional developer for over 15 years – working with startups and large international companies alike. He is a full-stack developer with experience building everything from websites, to apps, to servers.